Opposition leader in first monthly meeting with President


President Michel welcomes Mr Pierre at State House

It was Mr Pierre’s first official courtesy call on the President, which Mr Michel initiated so as “to discuss issues of national importance on a regular basis”.

A statement from State House said the two also spoke about the need to improve good governance, accountability and transparency within the government, and the role of political parties in this process.

“I am encouraged by our frank and productive discussion today. I believe in dialogue and consultation, and my door is always open to discussion when it is for the benefit of the Seychellois people,” said Mr Michel after the meeting.

“We may have our political differences but these have to be put aside when we work towards the progress of our country.”
Mr Michel and Mr Pierre said their planned meetings are aimed at discussing national issues and how to work together, “with respect of the principles of democracy”.

Mr Pierre said the Office of the President deserves to be respected in the same way as it is expected to respect others, and that his approach to politics is different from that of other political parties, including the Seychelles National Party he broke away from.

He expressed confidence that using his unique strategy, which he is now free to choose and follow, he will help achieve much for the people of Seychelles.

“Since I cannot be in different places at the same time, I have deployed people in communities to assess their needs and seek their opinions, which I can include in my National Assembly debates,” he said, noting he will soon present a number of motions in the National Assembly, for which he is seeking the views of the populace through the emissaries.

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