President appoints Air Seychelles board


The new Board of Air Seychelles is chaired by the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Joel Morgan, on a temporary basis, and the vice-chairperson is the chief strategy and planning officer of Etihad Airways, Kevin Knight.

The former chairman of Air Seychelles, Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, also remains as a director of the board.

The President has said that while a ministerial appointment to the board of a government-owned company is no longer the norm in government practice in respect to principles of good governance, an exception has been made in the case of Air Seychelles.

“Given the strategic importance air access plays within the economy and therefore at this point in time, it is necessary to have high level government representation on the board to ensure the safeguarding of the country’s key economic interests," said the President.

Etihad Airways has nominated a total of three members to the board, which have been approved by the President.
The full composition of the board is as follows:

• Joel Morgan, Minister for Home Affairs and Transport (chairman);
• Kevin Knight, chief strategy and planning officer of Etihad Airways (vice-chairman);
• Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, principal secretary for Foreign Affairs (director);
• Steve Fanny, principal secretary for Finance, Trade and Investment (director);
• Jean Weeling, private sector businessman (director);
• Duncan Naysmith, vice-president, financial reporting of Etihad Airways (director);
• Basaam A Al Mosa, vice-president of corporate investments and subsidiaries of Etihad Airways


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