New culture minister tours department, meets staff



Minister St Ange meeting staff of the National Library

Mr St Ange said as the new Minister for Tourism and Culture, it is important for him to know, in the first place, what comprises the ministry he is heading.

“It is important for me to meet the staff in their work environment, see what they do and the workload they have before making any plans for the ministry,” said Mr St Ange.

He was accompanied on the tour by the department’s principal secretary Benjamine Rose, special advisor Raymonde Onezime, Seychelles Tourism Board chief executive Elsia Grandcourt and other senior officials.

The visit of the department of culture started at the human resources management section headed by Marie-Andrée Sally. She gave a summary of all the sections that fall under her responsibility.

The department of culture comprises the National Museum, Archives, Heritage Research and Protection, National Library and Documentation, and the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts. Altogether the department employs 133 members of staff.

Minister St Ange’s first contact with the staff was earlier last week during a small gathering to bid farewell to outgoing Minister Bernard Shamlaye and welcome him in as the new  minister.

He noted that by the end of last week he would have known all that is in place and starting this week his team will go through all the reports in order to establish the way forward.

Mr St Ange said a lot has been achieved in terms of promoting and developing our culture and a lot of structures are in place but “we will look at the areas which need a further push or new reorientation in order to achieve better results.”

He added that discussions with managers and staff will follow to receive suggestions and ideas from all and ensure that everyone’s contributions are considered.

“It is important that all the workers feel they are part and take ownership of all that is taking place,” he said.
Mr St Ange said already he is very comfortable and feels welcomed by all.

“My first impression is that the expectations are very high. People want to see things move forward and they want to be part of the development,” he said.

He noted that his approach is to get everyone involved. With regard to President James Michel’s call to all ministers to submit regular progress reports about their ministries, Mr St Ange said with his team they will set the benchmark for the way forward.

He added: “I believe that with regard to all of what has been achieved so far, with a new way of looking at and doing things, a lot more can be achieved, with tourism combined, to bring more value to our tourism and cultural diversity.”

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