Agency injects R2.4m to prolong bridge life


Vehicles passing over the bridge at Providence “which now has a new lease of life” (Photo by GT)

Its structure had started to give way and holes had formed along the sides causing concern, but SLTA chief executive Parinda Herath said an inspection done several months ago showed it could still take traffic but needed strengthening.

“We have repaired the weak parts and after the cement used has cured we are going to lay a new coat of bitumen on top to make it smooth,” he told Nation.

“The United Concrete Products company has completed all the civil works, which included strengthening the wings which had been weakened by sea water, extending the bridge’s life by five or so years, after which it will need to be rebuilt.”

Mr Herath also said a team of experts on road traffic management from Singapore’s MSI company – which is part of the country’s LTA – is here to study congestion of vehicles in Victoria, and will soon give their views on what could be done to cut congestion.

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