2012 Partner in Learning forum launched


Ms Octave addressing guests and teachers at the launch of the 2012 Partner in Learning forum

This took place at the National Theatre during a ceremony attended by the minister responsible for Education Macsuzy Mondon, principal secretary Merida Delcy, teachers, head teachers and students from around the country among other guests.

Addressing those present, Odile Octave, the director general for schools, said that since 2010 when the first national innovative teachers’ forum was held, the number of teachers has increased remarkably indicating that “our teachers are making use of the innovative approaches to enhance teaching and learning through Internet Communication Technology (ICT) and 21st century skills in the daily classroom teaching and learning”.

“In its commitment to encourage and promote the use of ICT in teaching and learning, the Department of Education  and Microsoft Corporation will continue to carry out the PiL because together they are committed to continue fostering innovative approaches to education, the professional development of teachers and help schools to gain better access to technology,” said Ms Octave.

The aim of the PiL programme is to create innovative schools, teachers and students.

During  recent information sessions in schools teachers have had the chance to learn more about the aims and benefits of the PiL programme through which they can make use of a library of resources including articles, tutorials, learning material and samples of content made available free by Microsoft.

Teachers who register on the programme can benefit from continuing professional development and  support in obtaining skills and receive training on and access to e-resources that integrate ICT into the learning process.

It supports IT innovations and best practices in schools and helps teachers use technology to connect and collaborate with colleagues here and around the world to create a community of teachers who learn from and inspire each other.

It also aims at helping schools gain access to technology and provide school managers with the tools to carry out and manage change through the virtual university.

Eight Seychellois teachers have so far taken part in the innovative teachers’ forum at regional level and one teacher qualified to take part at international level, the worldwide innovative teachers’ forum.

This year, over a dozen teachers from various schools have already registered for the programme and during its launch, head teachers from some of these schools who were present received posters and other resource material available on the PiL website.

Farana Commettant from La Misère School, one of the two social sciences teachers who took part in the Middle East Africa PiL Forum in Aqaba Jordan last year, gave a presentation about her experience at the event.

Rachel Lionnet from Plaisance secondary school was the other teacher at the forum.

Teachers submitted their innovative projects to the Department of Education which has a panel of judges who select the best projects to take part in regional forums.

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