Athletics: Special events final-Hannah Denis best 300m youth record


Young Hannah Denis of Arsu beat the only record in the youth category of the 300m for ladies. She clocked 40.57 seconds to erase the old youth record of 42.42 seconds belonging to Rency Larue and set on February 9, 2002.

Denis was again in action in the 150m where she finished fourth in 22.05 seconds behind Joanne Lou-Toy (senior, 19.37 seconds), Matty Molta (junior, 20.75 seconds) and Laureen Mousbé (youth, 21.73 seconds).

The other track event winners on Saturday were Lissa Aniesse of Top racers in the female Hannah Denis is the new female youth 300m record holder600m (1 minute 53.45 seconds), Kevin Harryba of Arsu in the male 600m (1 minute 35.72 seconds), Joanne Lou-Toy of Fast Track in female 60m (7.89 seconds) and 150m women (19.37 seconds), Neddy Marie of Fast Track in male 300m (35.42 seconds), Dianne Belle of Arsu in the female 2,000m (7 minutes 48.95 seconds), Keddy Moustache of Top Racers in the male 2,000m (6 minutes 16.30 seconds), Jean-Yves Esparon in the male 150m (16.37 seconds) and Yannick Ernesta in the male 60m (7.21 seconds).

In field events, Dean William, Marie-Helen Rose and Janet Boniface were the dominant figures in most of the events.
William of Shooting Star dominated the male discuss event with a throw of 32.54m to finish ahead of Top Racers’ Ronny Bristol who finished second with 31.69m. William was also in action in the hammer throw where he finished first, throwing the 5kg object over a distance of 45.48m and the 7kg apparatus over 40.03m. Bristol did get a win in the javelin with a distance of 39.10m.

Rose of Top Racers was top in the discus event where she threw 32.71m to finish ahead of Aicha Cushion who was second with 19.63m. She also finished first in the javelin with a throw of 30.63m. Cushion was again second best with 27.87m.

Jump specialist Janet Boniface of Spartan leaped to a distance of 5.61m to win the women’s long jump competition ahead of Diane Nioze of Top Racers who finished second with 4.84m. Boniface was again in action in the triple jump where she registered 12.20m to finish first ahead of Shura Charles of Top Racers whose best effort was measured at 8.97m.

The men’s long jump event winner was Samuel Maria with 6.25m, while Dayen Finesse was second with 6.17m and Alvin Kilindo third with 6.16m. Kilindo redeemed himself in the triple jump with a winning effort of 13.25m
Elma Rose won the women’s hammer event with a distance of 19.92m to finish ahead of twin sister Elna Rose (16.62m).
In the men’s high jump, veteran Jude Sidonie won with a best height of 1.95m, relegating Leeroy Gamatis into second position with 1.90m. In the women’s category, Angie Pierre won with 1.20m.

Meanwhile, the women’s shot put event was not held as there were no officials as it was getting late.


Complete results of Saturday’s competition:

600m women

1. Lissa Aniesse   Top Racers   1:53.45
2. Rachelle Sophola   PLS   1:58.11
3. Estelle Lepathy   Arsu   1:58.15
4. Angela Boniface       2:04.39
5. Maggy Harray  PAC   2:10.99
6.  Chanty Jeannevol PLS 2:14.63
7.  Beverly Eulentin PAC 2:35.69
600m men
1. Kevin Harryba   Arsu   1:35.72
2. Ian Volcère  PLS  1:41.93
3. Daniel Marcel Top Racers  1:47.74
4. Joshua Onezime  PLS  1:54.20
5. Marius Suzette  PLS  2:06.17
6. 6. Warren Anacoura PLS 2:08.99
60m women
1. Joanna Lou-Toy  Fast Track 7.89 seconds
2. Diane Nioze Top Racers 8.33 seconds
3. Matty Molta Top Racers 8.34 seconds
4. Shura Charles Top Racers  8.63 seconds
5. Anaïs Nourrice  PLS 8.74 seconds
6. 6. Tasha Richmond Top Racers 9.24 seconds
7. Shanice Joubert PLS 9.40 seconds
8. Tania Pillay Top Racers 9.52 seconds
9. Kareen Anacoura PLS 9.55 seconds
60m men
1. Yannick Ernesta Shooting Star 7.21 seconds
2. Dayen Finesse Top Racers   7.35 seconds
3. Samuel Maria Top Racers 7.41 seconds
4. Marti Mondon  Fast Track 7.51 seconds
5. Aaron Volcère  Top Racers 7.52 seconds
6. Ranny Camille Shooting Stars 7.60 seconds
7. Sebastien Melanie Fast Track 7.60 seconds
8. Jean-Yves Roseline Top Racers 7.61 seconds
9. Paolo Beaudoin Shooting Star 7.65 seconds
10. Tieran Lebon  Shooting Stars 7.70 seconds
11. Jean-Michel Vidot Shooting Star 7.81 seconds
12. Aldo Rose Arsu 7.88 seconds
13. Hubert Jean Fast Track 8.15 seconds
14. Jonathan Guillaume Top Racers 8.39 seconds
15. Jean-Yves Kilindo Arsu 9.23 seconds
 300m women
1. Hannah Denis Arsu 40.57 seconds (New youth category record)
2. Laurene Mousbé Arsu 50.32 seconds
3. Ginny Jupiter  PLS   52.56 seconds
4. Debbie Chang-Tive  PLS  54.67 seconds
5. Effie Ernesta  PLS  56.42 seconds
6. Shanice Joubert PLS 57.30 seconds
300m men
1. Neddy  Marie Fast Track  35.42 seconds
2. Mervin Loizeau Shooting Star 36.29 seconds
3. Aaron Tirant  Shooting Star  37.56 seconds
4. Jerome Philoé Fast Track 38.67 seconds
5. Yannick Hoareau Fast Track 40.41 seconds
2,000m women
1. Diane Belle  Arsu  7:48.95
2. Hilary Robert   Top Racers 7:54.69
3. Vanessa Cherry  PLS   8:05.16
4. Ashira Bibi  PLS  8:20.81
5. Clara Omath  PLS  8:27.81
6. Sheryl Lepathy Arsu 8:29.41
7. Maggy Harry PAC 9:29.70
8. Florise Ernesta PAC 9:30.78
2,000m men
1. Keddy Moustache   Top Racers 6:16.30
2. Roch Bamboche  Fast Track 6:16.90
3. Travis Boniface Arsu 6:25.30
4. Steward Louise Top Racers 6:37.40
5. Marvis Leon  PLS 6:40.30
6. Heren Songoire PLS 6:41.20
7. Benjamin Kilindo Top Racers 6:42.20
8. Yannick Barra Arsu 6:58.90
9. Valentino Labrosse Arsu 7:22.19
10. Ryan Labrosse Top Racers 7:25.10
11. Joel Sinon PLS 7:27.70
12. Daniel Marcel Top Racers 7:38.60
13. Marcus Gabriel PLS 7:50.70
14. Damien Mougal PLS 7:50.70

150m women
1. Joanne Lou-Toy Fast Track 19.37 seconds
2. Diane Nioze Top Racers 20.33 seconds
3. Matty Molta Top Racers 20.75 seconds
4. Laureen Mousbé Arsu 21.73 seconds
5. Estelle Lepathy Arsu 21.96 seconds
6. Hannah Denis Arsu 22.05 seconds
7. Peggy Rachel  Arsu 22.52 seconds
8. Juliette Florentine Fast Track 22.85 seconds
9. Kerine Toussaint Fast Track 23.63 seconds
10. Stephanie Henriette PLS 25.30 seconds
11. Jessie Eulentin Aga Sonix 25.81 seconds
150m men
1. Jean-Yves Esparon Shooting Star 16.37 seconds
2. Leeroy Henriette Shooting Star 16.51 seconds
3. Sebastien Melanie Fast Track 16.69 seconds
4. Marti Mondon Fast Track 18.16 seconds
5. Ranny Camille Shooting Star 18.37 seconds
6. Jean-Yves Roseline Top Racers 18.47 seconds
7. Aaron Volcère Top Racers 18.58 seconds
8. Kieran Jean Shooting Star 18.71 seconds
9. Henry Monthy Fast Track 19.05 seconds
10. Darrel Bristol PLS 19.28 seconds
11. Aldo Rose Arsu 19.31 seconds
12. Herick Azemia Spartan 20.15 seconds
13. Ricky Pool  PLS 21.05 seconds
14. Jean-Yves Kilindo Arsu 23.04 seconds
Hammer women
1.  Elma Rose Top Racers 18.92m
2. Elna Rose Top Racers 16.62m
Hammer men
1. Dean William Shooting Star 45.48m (5kg) and 40.03m (7kg)
Long jump women
1. Janet Boniface  Spartan 5.61m
2. Diane Nioze Top Racers 4.84m
3. Shura Charles Top Racers 4.79m
4. Laurene Mousbé Arsu  3.93m
5. Kerine Toussaint Fast Track 3.88m
6. Estelle Lepathy Arsu 3.81m
7. Tania Pillay Top Racers 3.70m
8. Tasha Richemond Top Racers 3.38m
9. Marine Tonta Top Racers 2.86m
High jump woman
Angie Pierre PLS   1.20m
High jump men
1. Jude Sidonie Aga Sonix   1.95m
2. Leeroy Gamatis Arsu 1.90m
3. Carlos Ernesta  Shooting Star 1.70m
4. Yannick Hoareau Fast Track  1.70m
5. Steward Louise Top Racers 1.50m
Discus women
1. Marie-Helen Rose Top Racers 32.71m
2. Aicha Cushion Top Racers 19.63m
3. Elma Rose Top Racers  19.60m
4. Elna Rose Top Racers  19.07m
Discus men
1. Dean William Shooting Star 32.54m
2. Ronny Bristol Top Racers 31.69m
Long jump men
1. Samuel Maria Top Racers  6.25m
2. Dayen Finesse Top Racers  6.17m
3. Alvin Kilindo Spartan  6.16m
4. Ian Volcère PLS  5.95m
5. Menjel Kilindo Fast Track  5.46m
6. Herick Azemia Arsu 5.08m
Javelin women
1. Marie-Helen Rose  Top Racers  30.63m
2. Aicha Cushion Top Racers 27.87m
3. Elma Rose Top Racers 14.93m
Javelin men
1. Ronny Bristol Top Racers 39.10m
2. Steward Louise Top Racers 33.37m
3. Jean-Yves Roseline  Top Racers 24.62m
4. Samuel Maria Top Racers 23.89m
Triple jump women
1. Janet Boniface Spartan 12.20m
2. Shura Charles Top Racers 8.97m
3. Peggy Rachel Arsu 8.97m
Triple jump men
1. Alvin Kilindo Spartan 13.25m



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