World Water Day -Value water, avoid wastage, urges PDM leader


Mr PierreThe appeal comes from the leader of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), David Pierre – who is also the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly – in his message on the occasion of World Water Day today.
Mr Pierre’s message reads:

“Today is indeed a very special day; we cannot call it a celebration, but a day where we join the rest of the world to commemorate our source of life -- water.

“World Water Day is a day for great reflection, and each and every one of us needs to give water the importance it deserves. Like everywhere else in the world, water resources are increasingly under strain. The population is growing rapidly and climate change is continuously affecting most of our water sources, and Seychelles is not an exception.
“Since the theme for this year is ‘The world is thirsty because we are hungry’, it is therefore important for us to focus our attention on water’s relationship with food production and security since water is one of its most fundamental input factors. Parents as well as educators should continue to teach our children about the importance of water and how wastage can affect our water supply and food production; this will instill responsibility in our new generation and cultivate a new culture of protecting a valuable source of life.

“Seychelles has met many challenges recently, it is time for us to create a system in which we can collect the abundant fresh water that we have and that are being wasted by its flow to the sea. We can also benefit from properly and effectively collecting the water we receive from rainfall. Even if it will be costly initially, in the long run it will benefit our small nation. Authority concerned should also make available water tanks to the population, particularly to housing estates where people can use them to collect rain water for use around the household.

“I call upon all of you today, to stop water wastage and value this precious source of life at all times, for we all depend greatly on it for our social and economic development.”

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