New water system for La Misère


The ministerial delegation is briefed on the new water installations

PUC officials yesterday accompanied ministers Rolph Payet and Christian Lionnet -- respectively responsible for Environment and Energy and for Land Use and Housing -- on a site visit to Beauvoir where new water installations have been built.

PUC chief executive Philip Morin said this involves a new piping system, a new treatment plant, while the capacity of the water reservoir has doubled from 100 kilolitres to 200 kilolitres (200,000 litres).
He said the works should be completed in a month’s time.

When that is done, PUC will be advising the 350 households concerned that a new meter will be installed, giving a two-week delay to do so.

Mr Morin said that will give the households time to change the pipes from the PUC mains to their houses, should they wish to do so. 

He added however that this is entirely up to the households and this will be done at their expense.

Should the households opt to connect to the new meter, they will henceforth be billed for their water consumption.

Last year, all households in the area  received compensation of R250,000 each and one of the conditions attached was that part of the funds be used to foot any expenses incurred for changes or improvements to the household water system .

PUC engineer Joel Valmont said all pipes, including those to the sedimentation tanks and filter as well as to the storage tanks, have been replaced by larger ones.

Dr Payet said his visit was to be briefed on the new water system at La Misère as this is a community service.
He said he was “very satisfied” that the new system is up to standard and residents can rest assured that they will be receiving a completely safe water supply very soon. 

He said even before the new system is activated the water supply at Upper La Misère had improved significantly from a health standpoint. 

He said the water is now cleared by the Ministry of Health as being safe for consumption.
Dr Payet said a follow-up visit is planned in a month’s time to ensure that everything runs according to schedule and is up to expectations.

The new water reservoir has doubled in capacity from 100 kilolitres to 200 kilolitres

Also present in the ministerial delegation was Lenny Lebon, the member of the National Assembly for Grand Anse Mahe -- of which La Misère is part.

He said as MNA, he was responding to President James Michel’s call to remain “connected to the people”, adding he also believes it is the only way an MNA can remain attentive to the constituents’ concerns and aspirations.

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