Children enjoy new play area at Anse Aux Pins


Mission accomplished … the team in a souvenir photograph after the work was completed

New play equipment and benches have been added and repainting work has been done, making the playground a more comfortable area for the children.

The district’s representatives partnered with Eden Island Development Company for the renovation project.

Eden Island’s chief executive Craig Heeger and staff joined the district’s central committee member Minister Peter Sinon, member of the National Assembly Dr Jhowla Manoo and the district administrator Sylvia Stravens as well as members of Nouvo Sesel Anse Aux Pins (Nou SA) group to give the playground a new look.

Nou SA is a non-political and non-governmental organisation which will be officially launched soon.

Miss Stravens said anyone who wants to make a difference in Anse Aux Pins is welcome to join Nou SA.

She also spoke of other plans to set up a snack shop at the playground and to construct another playground in Cayole Estate.

A partial view of the renovated playground

Miss Stravens thanked Eden Island Development Company for their contribution and called on parents to help keep the play area safe and enjoyable.

Those coming to the playground are advised not to smoke and not to vandalise the place.

There is a need to fence around and the district welcomes any other partners who wish to contribute towards other developments in Anse Aux Pins.


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