The Kindle Fire


At only 40% of the price of an iPad2; users get a slick 7 inch tablet with a 1024×600 resolution display featuring extra-durable Gorilla glass and wide-angle viewing.

The Fire has 8GB of inbuilt storage and 5GB free cloud storage. It boasts a speedy dual core processor, with 512 RAM. The battery life is 8 hours which is very good considering the high screen refresh rate that decreases flickering and reduces eye strain.

The Kindle Fire is not just a tablet – it’s the Amazon tablet designed to be a media powerhouse.
This device comes strongly integrated with Amazon content.

First off, you are provided with 1 month of free Prime which gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows. When the trial is over, users can subscribe to the Prime service online.

Second, the Fire is seamlessly integrated with 5GB of your free cloud storage, plus your Amazon digital content in the cloud.
 The device makes it easy to get more content from Amazon, including videos, books, movies, magazines, and music.
Finally, you get to download one paid app a day for free, and they are great apps.

The Kindle Fire has just one physical button (the power switch), everything else is done via its screen. Different people had different experiences with it. Some deem it imperfect; others state it has zero glitches. It may take some time to get used to it, especially for those used to another touch-screen device or those who never used a touchscreen before.

Like the other tablets the Kindle Fire has browsing and email functions. Silk, the device’s web browser is said to work as fast as the other browsers of the other more popular tablets.

The Kindle Fire comes with a default email app, and most people like it a lot. It looks slick and is very easy to setup and use. It supports Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, POP3 (which works well will email addresses from local ISP). The app manages multiple email accounts well.

The Kindle Fire does not support 3G, however it supports wifi which is a more reliable and more cost effective to access the internet for browsing, emailing and also to download contents from

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