Hope for local livestock farmers


Mr Benstrong (first right) chairing the meeting

The meeting – held at the Secti building, Roche Caiman – was chaired by Seyfa’s chairman Serge Benstrong and attended by livestock farmers across the country.

The major issues discussed included reduced revenue for farmers due to animal feed being scarce and sows not getting proper nutrients through substitutes.

Mr Benstrong explained it was important for farmers to introduce proper feeding during the breeding stage so the sow can produce healthy litter for a higher revenue on the market.

To help members of Seyfa accomplish this, Mr Benstrong said the association is actively coordinating animal feed orders on behalf of the members.

“We have taken note that many people buy animal feed in bulk and try to sell it back to you farmers at a higher price and we are trying our best to eliminate this by taking care of your orders personally,” he said.

Mr Benstrong said after giving the members’ orders to the Seychelles Trading Company (STC), measures will be taken so that only they can get access to the feed.

He noted then that an order had already arrived and has already been distributed by now.
Along with this order, Mr Benstrong said three more containers of animal feed would also be arriving in the country soon.

As for the cost of pork production, Mr Benstrong explained to those present the different ways to keep track of cost so as to reap the maximum out of production and in return, make a healthy revenue.

In a power point presentation, Mr Benstrong brought several points into consideration while assessing cost of pork production. These include the number of pigs being reared, feeding, transport costs, medication and lease agreements, to name a few.

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