Seychelles Young Leaders Programme-Busy time for students of second and third cycles


Students of the programme’s third cycle in a souvenir photograph with Mr Nolan and Ms Athanasius

Under the direction of Lucy Athanasius, recently appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Seychelles (UniSey), and in collaboration with Dr John Nolan, special advisor on education to the President, and the Institute of Public Administration (IPA, Ireland), the March 2012 session of the MA degree programme in Leadership and Strategy took place at the School of Education (UniSey) last week.

This March 2012 session encompassed the MA degree dissertation viva voce (oral) examinations for students of the second cycle, and the second session of lectures in the first semester (year one) for students of the third cycle of the SYLP – conducted by the visiting IPA lecturers, Dr C. Chau, Dr M. Callanan, and Dr R. Holohan.

For students of the second cycle, the viva voce examination is the penultimate stage of the MA degree dissertation (year two), following which students will conclude and formally submit their dissertations to the Institute of Public Administration. Students who successfully complete the two-year course of the second cycle will be graduating later this year.

In this first semester (year one) of the third cycle, students attended the second session of lectures in the three MA degree taught modules of Leadership & Strategy, Organisation & Strategy, and Managing Human Resources. During this semester, students will be required to submit written assignments in each module, and to present for the formal written examinations in the three modules in early July.

Moreover, in this first semester, students of the SYLP third cycle are also studying a number of course modules presented by local lecturers, including Contemporary Democracy in Seychelles, Introductory Business Analysis & Communication, and Sustainability Development.

During 2012, the ongoing collaboration between UniSey and IPA will be focused on further enhancing the SYLP, within the ambit of the University of Seychelles.

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