Social workers’ newscheme now in force


The chief guests with the long-service ward winners. Missing in the picture is Ms Malcouzane

It was approved in 2011 but is being implemented this year, with effect from then, and includes new allowances covering disease and assault risks, while also taking care of the workers official telephone expenses and overtime pay.

The director for Social Services Sylvette Gertrude said this on Friday when Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports Minister Vincent Meriton led celebrations to mark Social Workers Day at the National Theatre.

Among the chief guests at the event were Vice-President Danny Faure, ambassador Bernard Shamlaye – who previously headed Social Development and Culture, opposition leader David Pierre, Anglican Church Bishop James Wong, judge Duraikannu Karunakaran, and members of the National Assembly.

The chief guests awarded social worker Lucille Mousbe for her 10 year’s service and Judy Bonnelame, Miriam Bessy, Clothilde Malcouzane and Nella Michel for the 25-year-service as the workers’ colleagues entertained them and sent messages on moral behaviour like the right attire through songs and interesting plays.

Social workers entertaining guests through plays and other performances

Mr Meriton mentioned the new scheme of service in his speech and Ms Gertrude gave Nation the details later, adding probation services now fall under Social Services and that the workers – who now number 58 but need to be 62 – also work with prisoners in jail.

She said child neglect – caused in many cases by excess alcohol intake – is among the biggest challenges the workers have to deal with, noting their conditions of work expose them to diseases like scabies in insanitary homes.
Mr Meriton said their work is not just another job:

“It is a vocation that does not lead to glory and fame. Your contribution to society is endless, immeasurable and vital. Through your work, you highlight the strengths and goodness of the human spirit. For many individuals, you are their last and only hope.”

He went on to say that as the international theme for World Social Work Day said, they help people get back on track, and thanked them for their selflessness.

“Together you create a united platform to strengthen the dignity and worth of every human being, help reduce social and economic inequalities and emphasise the importance of human relationship in a sustainable environment,” he said, noting their local national theme; Social Workers United in Working for Seychelles was reflective of the core principles of this year’s national theme – Striving for Our Seychelles.

“Social work is not for the faint-hearted; it demands compassion, commitment, dedication and hard work,” he said.

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