SIM wins civil society project consultancy contract


The chief executives of the SIM Audrey Nanon, and of Lungos, Steve Lalande, signed a contract recently at the unit’s office in the presence Designated Minister Vincent Meriton – who also heads the Ministry of Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports.

Also there were Lungos chairperson Bernard Elizabeth and other members, and representatives of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Mr Lalande gave an overview of what the project entails through a PowerPoint presentation.
The project is entitled Transforming Lungos into the National Platform for a Stronger Civil Society.

Its main objectives include reviewing the operational framework and governance structures in view of transforming Lungos into a national platform. It also aims to strengthen the national platform and thematic commissions for more effective coordination, engagement and programme impacts at national and international level.

Lead consultant of the project from the SIM, Shella Mohideen, gave a presentation on the consultancy approach to be taken over nine months.

Among the aims of the consultancy is to develop a strategic plan for the national platform and thematic commissions. This will be accompanied by a recommended action plan to carry out of the strategic plan.

The project will be done through a grant from the European Union under the Seychelles Governance Capacity Building programme.

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