President announces further government restructuring


Charles Bastienne has been appointed principal secretary for Immigration and Civil Status. The former PS, Marie-Ange Hoareau, will be a consultant within the department.

Mr Bastienne was previously the chief executive of the Housing Finance Company. Ronny Palmyre has been appointed the acting chief executive of the HFC as Mr Bastienne becomes chairman of its board.
Mr Michel also appointed the following:

. Margaret Pillay as chief executive of the National Human Resource Development Council (NHRDC)
. Garry Albert as deputy chief executive of the Seychelles Ports Authority
. Jean-Michel Domingue as chief executive of the Tertiary Education Commission (new agency)
. Fiona Ernesta as chief executive of the Seychelles Qualifications Authority
. Jacqueline Pierre as chief executive of the Agency for Social Protection (new agency)
. Brenda King as deputy chief executive of the Agency for Social Protection (new agency)
. Leslie Boniface - Registrar General
. Fred Hoareau - deputy Registrar General.
The former chief executive of the NHRDC Christian Cafrine has been appointed adviser to the Minister for Education.
 All the appointments are with immediate effect.
The President has proposed ambassadors to the following diplomatic missions, subject to agreement from the receiving states;
. Marie Louise Potter – Ambassador based in New York
. Bernard Shamlaye – Ambassador based in Paris
. Joseph Nourrice – Ambassador based in Addis Ababa
. Claude Morel – High commissioner based in Pretoria

Other roving ambassadors
. Erna Athanasius – Ambassador for Children and Women’ Affairs based in Seychelles. Ambassador Marie-Pierre Lloyd who previously held this post will be assigned other duties shortly.
. Ronny Jumeau – Ambassador for Climate Change Issues and Small Island Developing States based in New York.
New boards and board member changes

Petro Seychelles Ltd (new)
Barry Faure (Chair)
Eddy Belle (Chief executive)
Caroline Abel
Ronny Govinden
Raymond Chang-Tave
Patrick Payet
Denis Matatiken

Agency for Social Protection (new)
Noellie Alexander (Chair)
Marie-Agnès Souris
Bertrand Belle
Egbert Rosalie
Joyceline Florentine
Seraphin Madeleine
Odile Octave

Review Panel
Anne Lafortune (Chair)
Ephna Kilindo
Dora Ernesta

Seychelles International Business Authority
Steve Fanny (Chair)
John Goldsworth
Jennifer Sullivan
Ronny Govinden
Sherin Renaud
Vaithinathasamy Ramadoss
Bilal Ahmed Qureshi
Rupert Simeon

Seychelles Petroleum Company Ltd
Steve Fanny (Chair)
Conrad Benoiton (CEO)
Eddie Belle
Brijesh Jivan
Flavien Joubert
Concessionary Credit Agency
Doreen Arnephy (Chair)

National Statistics Bureau
Brian Commettant (Chair)
Ashik Hassan (member)

Seychelles Public Transport Corporation
Veronique Laporte joins the board as a member

Seychelles Tourism Board
Elsia Grandcourt (CEO) joins the board as a member

Tertiary Education Commission
Selby Dora (Chair)

Seychelles Ports Authority
Conrad Benoiton (Chair)

Société Seychelloise d’Investissements
Steve Fanny (Chair)
Conrad Benoiton
Veronique Herminie
Glenny Savy
Alexandra Madeleine

Seychelles Agricultural Agency
Bernard Moulinie (Chair)
Flavien Joubert
Jayant Mayadas
Armand Michaud
Philippe Michaud
Ronny Renaud
Roland Hoareau
Jose Pool
Andy Ally

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