Young professionals exchanges ideas


The session in progress

More than 100 youths from different professions such as social work, foreign affairs, teaching and media – to name a few – came together for the event where young professionals from different jobs and districts discussed where they wanted to see local youths in the future.

Vicky Van Der Westhuizen – who was coordinating the event – said the reason for the “meet and greet” was that though many activities were being hosted by the youth council, only a few young professionals were attending.

“There was a group of youths we never saw at events so we decided to meet them and see which activities would be feasible to them and when, and also to get their opinions on how they would like to see the youth of Seychelles developing in the years to come.”

The session also gave the youths an opportunity to conduct group work where brainstorming and mapping out exercises took place.

At the end of the meeting, a small committee was elected among those present.
Mrs Westhuizen said the committee would be responsible to bring forward ideas and discuss how to go about points brought up within the group discussions.

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