Mauritius and Seychelles tourism ministers meet in Port Louis


Minister St Ange and Mauritian counterpart John Michael Yeung Sik Yuen

Minister St Ange has extended an invitation to Minister Yeung Sik Yuen to come to Seychelles in April for a three island meeting alongside Reunion to show the solidarity and to further develop the existing partnership and cooperation that exist between Seychelles, Reunion and Mauritius.

Minister St Ange said the meeting will be symbolic as it will give a clear message that Seychelles, Reunion and Mauritius are committed to working together to promote the Vanilla Islands concept.

Minister Yeung Sik Yuen has accepted the invitation and has said Mauritius is committed to joining Reunion and Seychelles in co-organising the 2013 Carnaval International de Victoria, which will be held from February 8-10.

Minister Yeung Sik Yuen has also spoken about Mauritius’ position in regards to the Vanilla Islands concept, saying he “personally supports this initiative as it goes a long way in promoting the Indian Ocean islands.’’

Minister St Ange seized the opportunity to promote the marketing concept of an “equatorial belt” which brings together Reunion, Seychelles, Mauritius and the regional countries of Africa.

Minister St Ange said this will not only help promote the twin centre possibilities, but unify framework to promote the tropical tourist destinations of Africa and the Indian Ocean islands that pride themselves with a year-round tropical climate. 

Mr St Ange’s meeting with his Mauritian counterpart follows President James Michel’s official visit to Mauritius after which emphasis was placed on strengthening and consolidating bilateral ties between the two island nations.

“This is not the first time we have met and following this official meeting in Mauritius, our relationship is set to be consolidated for the benefit of both our islands and of our tourism industry. We are committed to working together to ensure our plans work for the benefit of Mauritius and Seychelles,” said Minister St Ange.

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