Health school to move to North East Point this month


This was announced by the school’s director Rodney Philo on Friday afternoon, during the graduation ceremony at the National Theatre, Mont Fleuri.

The graduates in a souvenir photo with Vice-President Faure, and ministers Mondon and Larue

A total of 20 graduates got certificates in the presence of Vice-President Danny Faure and Designated Minister Vincent Meriton.

The graduation was also attended by Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie, leader of the opposition in the National Assembly David Pierre and members of the National Assembly.

Health Minister Mitcy Larue and her principal secretary Veronique Laporte were also there.

Education Minister Macsuzy Mondon was accompanied by her principal secretary Merida Delcy. The ceremony was also attended by parents of the graduates.

Mr Philo said there has been extensive renovation on the building to transform it into an educational centre with the infrastructure and facilities required by the NIHSS.

He thanked the government for making the place available and for giving the money for the renovation work, and the ministries of health and education for their support with the project.

“We look forward to moving to our new environment which will be more conducive for teaching and learning and will ease the growth and development of the institute.”

He added the NIHSS has over the years trained students in different health and social related fields.

Currently the institute has over 200 students following courses in nursing, occupational therapy, social work, biomedical science, dental therapy, physiotherapy and environmental health, he added.

He said last year and early February this year the NIHSS got consignments of equipment under the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries fund for international development, and another consignment will be in the country by June this year.

Mr Philo also congratulated the graduates for choosing the NIHSS to embark “on their journey of the noble profession of learning to care for others”.

Some of the new graduates are already making their valuable contribution to the health system of our country, while others will soon become part of the team of health practitioners, he said.

He told them the field of health is continuously evolving and they need to be up-to-date with the challenges of our changing society.

“There will be many challenges and difficult times ahead but with your newly acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes, I am convinced you will turn these challenges into stepping stones.”

Mr Philo urged the new health recruits to go out there and make a difference in the lives of individuals, families and the communities. 

Out of the 20 graduates, 15 have completed a diploma course in nursing and five have followed the advanced diploma in health and safety.

During the ceremony Lindy Rath from the nursing course clinched the President’s Cup for being the most outstanding student.

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