Karting-Fred, Rene and Kurz take early lead



Fred     Rene


In the SF4 class, Montel Kurz took back-to-back wins, but had to fight off the challenge of a much-improved Andrew Gabriel in the second race. Chan Decommarmond took third place and Yannick Gabriel was fourth.

In round one, Kurz dominated with Yannick Gabriel taking second place and Chan Decommarmond finishing third.

Kurz thus leads the table with 56 points followed by the Gabriel twin brothers – Andrew and Yannick – with 39 apiece. Chan Decommarmond has 38, Mitra Labrosse 35, Rennick Bonnelame 26, C. Port-Louis 26 and D. Mellon 14.

In the SF3 category, Marc Delcy took a win in round two, while Peter Fred won the first race.
Fred leads with 51 points followed by Delcy and Dane Decommarmond – both with 42 –, Marvin Sophie with 31, Redman Bonnelame with 29, Damien Bonnelame with 19, Roland Delcy with 17 and Tim Horpinitch with 13.

Tipped as frontrunners at the start of the season, Damien Bonnelame and Roland Delcy are currently struggling and are at foot of the table due to non-finishes.

In the SF1 division, David Rene took back-to-back wins with Stephan Simon taking two runner-up finishes and John Simon also taking two third place finishes.

Russian Altai Sabakaev had a torrid first round where he ran out of brakes and he was absent for the second round. Another notable absentee was Liza Rene-Cosgrow who has taken another year off karting.

After the first two rounds, David Rene leads with 56 points, Stephan Simon is second with 46, John Simon third with 37 and Sabakaev fourth with 1.

Round three will take place on April 29.

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