Cable & Wireless keeps going green with e-Bill!


Since March 7, all Cable & Wireless Broadband Internet customers by default have been able to view their bills via the e-Bill portal. This is done by entering their Broadband Username as their e-Bill Username and their Broadband Service Number as their e-Bill password when logging on. For extra security, customers are being prompted to change their passwords to one of their own choosing after having logged on for the first time.
With e-Bill, you can:

o Access your mobile, broadband and fixed-line bills for the past six months online, anytime, day or night
o Download your usage details to your PC and analyse these details using Microsoft Excel
o Obtain your itemised bills at no extra cost!
o Get access to your bills, in your own time, at your own leisure!

Cable & Wireless’ initiative to go green with paperless business solution started with the launch of eTopUp in 2007 to gradually phase out scratch voucher. 

“As a responsible company, Cable & Wireless intends to continue finding innovative ways to reduce paper consumption and bring services closer and easier to customers,” said chief executive Charles Hammond.

Business Broadband Internet customers should liaise with their respective account executive (if not account managed, please visit our Customer Services Centre) to have your e-Bill account created. All electronic bills on e-Bill appear in the exact same format as per normal monthly paper bills. Customers can choose not to receive paper bill and help preserve the environment.

So you can get all your bills at your fingertips whenever you want them – Save time, save money and enjoy less hassle with e-Bill. Only with Cable & Wireless!

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