Three ministers in the Assembly today


The Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan, and the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander will also be present to answer a Private Notice Question by the Leader of the Opposition, David Pierre, on the subject of Air Seychelles, including the socio-economic effects as a result of the reorganisation of the company.
Three motions will also be tabled to the Assembly for debate.
Proportionally Elected Member, honourable Sebastien Pillay will table the first Motion, calling the Seychelles Media Commission to start applying provisions under the Seychelles Media Commission Act (2010), the code of conduct in particular, so that local media can better understand their roles and responsibilities.

The second motion by Mr Pierre is requesting the creation of a salary review commission.
The third Motion by honourable Sultanne Jacqueline, elected member for Port Glaud, asks that more emphasis is put on the implementation of the Code of Ethics in the work places as a way of ensuring better service delivery and promoting hard work among employees.

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