Education tops Slovak Republic’s links agenda with Seychelles


Slovak Republic’s envoy Dr Michal Mlynár discussing with President James Michel

He presented his credentials to President James Michel at State House yesterday, becoming his country’s sixth ambassador, and talked about the possibility of lecturers from his country coming to teach at the University of Seychelles, and student visit exchange programmes.

He said while here, he will talk with UniSey officials to explore that avenue, and with government ministers and other officials to look at other areas of cooperation boost.

Dr Mlynár said many Seychellois have studied economics in his country, and there is scope to widen areas of study.

He said there are plans for public administration officials going to study in the Slovak Republic where his government’s experts can share experiences with ours.

“We would also like to promote business. We think there could be more tourists coming from Slovakia so we need to work on a few technical areas,” he said.

His country also has expertise in renewable energy particularly geothermal and wind power harnessing, which experts from his country would be happy to share.

Seychelles and the Slovak also need to step up dialogue to talk on the piracy and climate change challenges, he said, adding his country is committed to supporting Seychelles and other small island developing countries faced with the potential of higher level climate change problems.

He said the Slovak Republic is also offering support for our economic reform programme as well as our efforts to get the fibre-optic internet link.

Dr Mlynár – who was accompanied by his country’s honorary consul Joe Albert – also called on Vice-President Danny Faure and is due to call on the speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie today.

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