New Chinese medical team expected in August


Health Mitcy Larue and Chinese ambassador Shi Zhonjun signing the documents

Minister for Health Mitcy Larue and the Chinese ambassador Shi Zhonjun signed the agreement yesterday at the ministry’s headquarters.

Speaking after the signing, Mrs Larue said the cooperation programme between the two countries constitutes the mainstay of a long standing and privileged relationship.

“Through this cooperation, the Chinese medical professionals not only help our local team to improve the health of our nation, but they also have a mission to ‘add life to years’ of the Seychellois people,” she said.

Mrs Larue said the ministry is satisfied with the work of the Chinese doctors and it is important that it reinforces the relation with China in other aspects.

The six doctors will be working in the fields of acupuncture, orthopaedic, radiology, radiography, cardiology and neurosurgery.

Every year, the Chinese government sends a group of volunteers to Seychelles.
Ambassador Shi said the Chinese government will increase the number of volunteers depending on the needs locally.

Apart from the volunteers, a medical team is sent to Seychelles every two years. There are seven Chinese medical professionals working for the Ministry of Health at present.

He thanked them for their contribution in Seychelles as their contracts are coming to an end soon.

Other aspects in which Seychelles benefits from the cooperation programme include the donation of medicine and medical equipment, and training for 20 professionals from the ministry.

Dr Loren Reginald, Lisa Micock, Branda Labonte and Velda Both are four professionals from the Ministry of Health who will be following training in hospital management in China.

The will leave on April 4 and are expected back in the country at the end of the month.

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