Seychelles represented at UN meeting on women


Members of the Commonwealth Heads of National Women’s Machineries

Special adviser on social affairs to the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Marie-Josée Bonne, and Tessa Siu, head of the Gender Secretariat, attended the UN forum which brought together vice-presidents, ministers, UN heads, policy and decision-makers and non-state actors in one arena to consider progress being made at international, regional, and local levels with respect to the promotion of gender equality.

The theme of this CSW was ‘The empowerment of rural women and their roles in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges’.

The Review theme was ‘Financing for gender equality and the empowerment of women’ (agreed conclusions from the 52nd session). The emerging theme was ‘Engaging young women and men, girls and boys, to advance gender equality. Many good practices were shared, and fresh and creative ideas were presented on how national policies, legal reforms and services could change the lives of rural women and girls.

Once again this year, the strides which Seychelles has made with respect to mainstreaming gender in national development, was highlighted.

Prior to attending the CSW, Mrs Bonne took part in a meeting of the Commonwealth Gender Plan of Action Monitoring Group (CGPMG), and the meeting of the National Women’s Machineries of the Commonwealth also held in New York. 

Delegates from 35 countries who took part in the Commonwealth meeting discussed key areas of concern such as social protection and other national policies and programmes designed to reduce poverty and vulnerability.

Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Leiataua, Samoa Minister for Women, Community and Social Development, was elected to chair the current CGPMG. This year Seychelles has been rotated into the CGPMG. Ms Siu and Mrs Bonne are Seychelles’ representative on this body.

The main conclusion arising from the CGPMG meeting is the need to strengthen regional and national mechanisms to monitor progress. The introduction of a monitoring and evaluation framework to measure outcomes will be the priority area of action for the group.

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