Lucky customers win Barclays’ Swipe it campaign prizes


Winner Antat (2nd left), runner-up Siméon (2nd right), and third place finisher Roselie (3rd right) with Barclays Bank representatives

They were among the customers who took part in Barclays’ campaign which aims at promoting the use of the debit card.
The Swipe it campaign aims to encourage customers to use their debit cards to pay for purchases at any point of sale instead of paying with cash.

Miss Antat, the first prize winner, won a 42-inch television with PVR and a six-month extravagance bouquet subscription.
Speaking after receiving her prize, Miss Antat said she is very happy with what she has won.
As second prize, Mr Siméon received a Blu-ray DVD player with surround sound system, while Miss Roselie won a Samsung Galaxy tab as third prize.

Mr Rosélie said he was not expecting to win a prize but is indeed happy to be a winner in the bank’s Swipe it campaign.

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