President names new agency and other boards’ members


The SBFA will be the structure giving key support for the activities undertaken by Small Enterprises to enable them to contribute to the realisation of a stable and vigorous economy.

The chairperson of the SBFA is Doreen Arnephy, and Rosanda Alcindor is its chief executive. The other board members are: Germaine Michaud (SCCI), Seylina Verghese (Finance), Bilal Ahmed Qureshi (Chair, Bankers Association), Penny Belmont (CEO Senpa) and Kalyaan Karunakaran (AG’s Office)

Board member changes (indicated in bold)

National Tender Board: Flavien Morin (Chair), Hans Aglaé (Public Sector), Yvonia Richardson (Public Sector), Germaine Michaud (SCCI), Giovana Neves (Lungos), Charles Elizabeth (Engineer), Frank Ally (Legal)

Review Panel: Jean Claude D’Offay (Chair), Jayaraj Chinasamy, Michel Jean-Louis, Daniel Gappy

Seychelles Tourism Board: Barry Faure (Chair), Elsia Grandcourt (CEO), Steve Fanny (Finance), Paul Hodoul (SHTA), Brijesh Jivan (SCCI), Captain David Savy, Philippe Guitton, Louis D’Offay

La Digue Development Board: Barry Faure has been appointed as chairperson of the board, following the resignation of Monica Figaro.

National Heritage Foundation: Marcel Rosalie (Chair), Raymonde Onezime, Marie‐France MacGregor, Patrick Nanty (CEO), Elsia Grandcourt, Cecile Kalebi, Stephane Rose

Central Bank of Seychelles: Wendy Pierre replaces Steve Fanny as a member of the board

National Economic Council: President James Michel, Vice-President Danny Faure, Minister Joel Morgan, Minister Pierre Laporte, Minister Alain St Ange, Minister Peter Sinon, Minister Idith Alexander, Barry Faure, Caroline Abel, Eddie Belle, Glenny Savy, Steve Fanny, Louis D’Offay, Dr V Ramadoss, Brijesh Jivan, Conrad Benoiton, Michael Benstrong, Michel Mellie, Mohammed Afif (NEC secretary).

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