Oil spill investigation and clean-up almost complete


Mr Joubert and other environmental officials at the site at Ile Persévérance late yesterday afternoon

Speaking to Seychelles Nation last night, Flavien Joubert of the environment department said there have been other reports of oil spills but found out there were part of the one reported last Thursday.

Mr Joubert was on a site at Ile Persévérance late yesterday afternoon, where they had received report of another oil spill but it turned out to be something else.

“We have taken samples of the oil we have seen and will send them to the Seychelles Bureau of Standards (SBS) for analysis,” he said.

“We think we have identified the source of the spill after we investigated a boat, which is under maintenance. We boarded the boat in question and we took samples from it, and also saw that it had an oily discharge. The boat was surrounded by an oil slick. We are now carrying out the final verifications,” added Mr Joubert.

He added that expenses for the clean-up exercise have so far exceeded R50,000 and that the guilty party – if found – will have to face charges for breaking several laws and might have to pay a fine.

“The cleaning up of the spill could be over in a day or so and after that will do monitor the work to ensure we have removed all the oil,” he said.

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