Tourist thanks those who helped after husband’s attack


Her statement was widely published in the UK press following the results of an inquest into his death.

“We are in full agreement with the coroner’s decision today. It is a great relief that this will mean an end to any formalities surrounding the tragic death of my husband and we can now continue to remember him without fear of any further public experiences,” Mrs Redmond said in her statement.

“This inquest has provided me with an opportunity to correct false and upsetting reports that Ian and I were aware of the sad fate that befell another tourist at the same beach prior to our time in Seychelles. “It has been confirmed that no warnings of any kind were given to myself and Ian and I acknowledge the reasons for this. It is the ocean and wildlife can choose to come and go as it pleases. I can only hope that my husband’s death has made people more aware of the dangers involved in swimming in the waters surrounding whichever country they choose to visit.”

She said the inquest gave her an opportunity to express her gratitude to those “who provided invaluable support to both myself and Ian at that awful time”.

“I would like to thank the gentlemen who pulled my husband from the water and the doctors and nurses who ran to his aid on the beach. I owe so much to their quick thinking. I also would like to thank the French family who comforted me on the beach and helped me to get to the hospital, the La Résèrve hotel on Praslin, the Creole Travel company, the Four Seasons Mahé and Emirates Airlines for their kindness, Seyexclusive for the help they provided for my parents and the British High Commission for their swift action and unreserved support.

“The compassion shown towards me in Seychelles is typical of the people of these islands. It is important that tourists continue to visit the country and appreciate its beauty,” she said, concluding:

“I do not want Ian’s legacy to be dominated by an awful accident which makes people sad and distressed. It is my wish that Ian be remembered for his special qualities and the remarkable way in which he enriched the lives of his family and friends for 30 years. I know that he would want people to smile and feel uplifted and comforted when they hear his name.

I hope that myself and our families will now be left to continue to mourn my wonderful husband and our best friend privately,” she wrote. 


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