Project to pay tribute to teachers


Minister Mondon addressing the guests at yesterday’s ceremony

Entitled Celebrating teachers’ project this initiative of the Education Ministry was officially launched by its Minister Macsuzy Mondon in the presence of her principal secretary Merida Delcy as well as the opposition leader in the National Assembly David Pierre.

Also there were high government officials, heads of school as well as teachers and students.
The first activity of the project which is a publication of narratives whereby teachers share their good teaching experiences and memories was also launched.

During the ceremony Mrs Mondon also unveiled this year’s Teacher’s Day theme which is: Act now, make a difference.

She said her ministry is conscious that to increase the quantity and quality of teachers it is necessary to restore and sustain the confidence in the teaching profession.

It is also vital to seek means to ensure that teachers are further motivated to join and stay in the profession, she added.

“It is with this in mind that we have decided to raise awareness of the contribution that our teachers make in our schools and our communities through the publication of a collection of teachers’ narratives under the theme; Celebrating Teachers.

“We believe that focusing on the positive will shift attention away from negative publicity, to one of acclamation and respect, hence celebrating what is good in our schools.”

She said a memento is only temporary; recording the teacher’s experiences in their own words serves to record their mark for posterity. 

The Celebrating Teachers’ Project comprises a series of activities which will be carried out from now onwards, she added.

And the publication of teachers’ narratives is the first activity to launch the project, she said adding that she is convinced that such an initiative “will help us to recognise and honour teachers’ achievement”.

“It will help us to also value the work and contribution of our teachers, promote the image of the teacher and the teaching profession, recognise and reward excellent performance within the profession and educate the community and public at large on the importance of the teaching profession.”

She added that more importantly, it will help teachers to rediscover and value themselves as well as the work that they do.

She also urged teachers to be mindful of their role and to act now and make a real difference in the lives of the many children and youths that they encounter every day.

Mrs Mondon told students to value their teachers as they are their beacons and guides into discovering the future.

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