Bus drivers learn importance of fire safety


SPTC staff learning to use fire extinguishers

The training – which will be held over four days – will be hosted by Albert Rose of the Fire and Rescue Services said Bernadette Sophola, SPTC’s public relations manager.

She said the aim of the exercise is to educate SPTC staff particularly drivers how to be aware of the dangers of fire and procedures to be followed to effectively combat one.

The SPTC says around 200 employees are expected to take part in the sessions and that the SFRSA will hold another series of workshops in the near future.

It says the activity is also part of the company’s corporate responsibility to educate its staff on the importance of ensuring a safe working environment for its staff as well as the public they serve.

Practical sessions were also conducted during the training and those who took part learned how to use fire extinguishers which should be placed on all SPTC buses.

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