‘Seychelles tops region in gender equality’


Delegates working on validating the draft version of the Seychelles 2012 gender protocol barometer report

This came out as representatives of gender bodies met to validate the draft version of the Seychelles 2012 gender protocol barometer report, during a half-day workshop yesterday at the Liaison Unit for Non-Governmental Organisations (Lungos) headquarters.

The exercise was led by the Alliance and Partnerships Manager of Gender Links Loveness Jambaya Nyakujarah and senior research officer in the Seychelles gender secretariat Tessa Siu.

The Seychelles 2012 Gender Protocol Barometer is the fourth annual tracking report of country performance against the 28 targets of the SADC protocol on gender and development.

Seychelles has signed the protocol and is one of the nine countries that have ratified the legal instrument.
The SGDI – introduced in 2011 in the regional barometer and the complementary Citizen Score Card (CSC) that has been running for four years and provides a measure which rates a country’s performance.
It was Mrs Nyakujarah who said Seychelles is ranked top.

“This is based on 23 indicators which are grouped under six categories: governance, education, economy, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and Aids and Media,” she said.

She said the final draft of this document will be out in June this year and more information will be given about this report.

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