New grants to boost early childhood care and education


Mr Woodcock (standing) briefing interested applicants from the inner islands about the programme

It is doing this as part of part of its commitment to ensure the sustainability of the early childhood care and education.
The grant programme will give caretakers and educators money for education programmes and related projects for children in the age bracket of 0-7 years old.

To qualify for the programme, applicants should represent a registered, licensed organisation and their project proposal should clearly illustrate direct benefit to early childhood care and education. Their project should also relate to training, educational and recreational programme activities.

All applications will be studied and processed by the trust fund board appointed by the Minister of Finance, under the Public Finances Act (S1 02, 2011) before being funded, if approved. The project request may be for equipment, furniture, materials and toys, while the applicants will contribute 25% of the total amount.

The trust fun board is also responsible to ensure the effective monitoring of all projects.
In its education campaign, the trust fund board, headed by Lambert Woodcock – whose main duties include promoting and supplying the NECCE programmes and projects and also giving resources for the project’s development – has started series of public presentations to educate partners and all those interested in the early childhood care on the grant programme and its benefits.

Following their first presentation last week at the auditorium of the University of Seychelles’ School of Education, at Mont Fleuri, where they met interested candidates on Mahe, the board went to Praslin on Thursday.

There, they met interested applicants from the inner islands and briefed them about the programme, including the procedures, regulations and conditions attached. It was also the opportunity for them to further enquire and seek advice.

The trust fund gets is finance from the government and public fundraising activities organised by, or with the approval of the board. It also receives contributions from private individuals, companies – which include donation in kind – and from interests received on investments.

Other than Woodcock, the board is made up of Michael Benstrong (vice-chairman), Bella Henderson, Shirley Choppy, Noella Gonthier, Ruby Pardiwalla, Holbert Jean, Sister Nita and Celina Verghese.

Applicant can collect forms at the National Council for Children (NCC) at Bel Eau and all completed forms should be forwarded to the chairperson of the board.

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