Jah 1’s Sa Enn proves a big hit


The cover of Jah 1’s third album – Sa Enn

“I’ve tried to make this one a little different from the previous albums and I’ve noticed many people seem to prefer this style of music,” Jah 1 told Seychelles Nation.

With a slightly more international touch to some of his new music, Jah 1 says he hopes it will be able to reach a wider audience which includes fans from overseas.

“Sales are very good at the moment and I’ve been getting calls and text messages asking where people can buy my album. So I can safely say the feedback so far has been excellent,” he said.

Jah 1 says his new album centres on the theme of love.
“Yes, most of the songs are love songs but I’ve added a lot of dance music to it so that my fans can dance to those songs in a club,” he said, adding that his inspiration comes from all around.

“From experience mostly; not necessarily mine but to people I know and hang around with,” he explained.

“On a final note I would like to encourage the public to buy original copies of our (artists’) work in continuous support of local artists,” concluded Jah 1.

R. C-T.

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