Activities galore at homes for the elderly


Some got donations, while others were refurbished by people who called themselves Friends of the Homes for the Elderly, who in some cases gave the senior residents special dish treats.

At the North East Point Home, former journalist Garry Lepathy launched a book outlining the history of how many of the people who are now elderly used to travel around the islands.

We recently reported that Mr Lepathy – who suffered a broken leg in an accident – “was typing away on a computer but did not want to disclose what project he was involved in”.

On Saturday he told the local media that his project was initiated and funded by the World Health Organisation, which was represented by its Seychelles liaison officer Cornelia Atsyor at the launch.

The homes’ residents welcomed the focus on them, noting that the government and communities have been taking good care of them.

One resident paid special tribute to efforts to evacuate them when a tsunami that never hit threatened the country on Wednesday.

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