‘Ile Perseverance ready for high speed internet’


This follows completion of a project to do this by the company, which says:

“The Ile Perseverance project is part of a large scale project which CWS embarked on to enhance its line plant distribution side across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue to provide quality internet service to each and every household.  With this first part of the project completed, now residents of the Ile Perseverance housing estate can benefit from:

• High speed broadband services

• Considerable reduction of fault occurrences, and better management

• Enhanced multi-play offers for residential & corporate customers

• Sub-marine cable readiness”
Commenting on this achievement, CWS chief executive Charles Hammond said:
“Our commercial strategy is to ensure a quality customer experience across the board, and as the new residents of the estate settle in, we are now able to provide them with our leading services to enjoy in the comfort of their new homes.

“We will now focus on completion of the second phase and get Seychelles ready for the arrival of the eagerly awaited sub-marine cable.”

The company says already there are a number of families on the estate awaiting services and they will soon be connected, “while other residents can visit our customer services centres to register for services.

“An internet café powered by CWS will also be up and running very soon, while the new 3G+ mobile network is providing enhanced mobile coverage ever since August last year for the Indian Ocean Island Games.”

Built on reclaimed land, this government project comprises housing units, commercial ventures and other community services such as hospitals, schools and police stations.

It also houses the newly opened modern base for the Seychelles Coast Guard which is already benefiting from CWS managed corporate solutions.

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