‘Message in a bottle’ – Beau Vallon beach


Today this message is still the same when you find a bottle or part thereof, on the beach, but the ending of the message is very different… ‘HELP TO DISPOSE OF ME!’

After 30 years of returning continuously to Seychelles and in particular to the signature beach of Mahe, Beau Vallon, it is somewhat disappointing to idly stroll along the beach and play hop scotch with broken glass, bottle tops and cans which litter the beach.

So these past three weeks instead of being a beachcomber looking for prize pieces of coral, I have been daily collecting pieces of glass bottles and have amounted over a bucket load of this precious material, which the Romans realised many years earlier, was so precious it had to be recycled and not thrown away. I am pleased to report that after my three weeks, I now rarely find any glass fragments on the beach and have a feeling of self gratification.

What a pity that as a society we have lost our sense of pride in our surroundings!
Especially when the smartly dressed yellow suited beach cleaners (belonging to a private company I believe) rake around the man-made litter, feeling that the leaves and sea weed offer an easier opportunity to have a job “visually well done”…..but sadly far from perfect.

So perhaps the “Powers that Be” should find enough “bottle” within themselves to retrain the beach cleaners, with a fresh job description and also to try and create a better community spirit and promote a cleaner environment that everyone can share and enjoy.
I will come back soon!

P A Sleath

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