Company invites developers for islands and Victoria projects


Visitors at the 2020 Expo being shown what development of Ile Aurore will look like. Potential developers are now being invited to take part in building it

The company was registered earlier this year and aims to ensure the developments are implemented in the most feasible and sustainable manner without pressure on the country’s national budget.

It runs in close collaboration with the Seychelles 2020 Presidential Commission where the public and private sector give updates and their strategic intentions on how projects exhibited in the 2020EXPO are firstly integrated in their institution plans, and secondly their plans of implementation to ensure the projects are realised.

The company’s objective is to ensure that Seychellois do not only own and develop the various opportunities offered but that every Seychellois feels proud of a project that will materialise through the expertise of our local professionals from its planning stages, to the implementation and construction phases.

The company’s plan is to launch the projects on June 15 when interested individuals and business entrepreneurs can start their processes to buy and lease of land available on Ile Soleil.

Last week it launched the tenders inviting Seychellois professionals to express their interests to develop an effective and innovative approach to promote and sell the various opportunities on Ile Soleil. 

The opportunities on the island have been categorised under three groups – residential, commercial and light industrial – which also entail artisanal projects. The second tender is inviting architects, civil engineer and project managers to offer their expertise to the successful implementation of the projects. The tenders will be opened soon.  Pre-bidding meetings have been scheduled to give interested parties more information on projects.

Interested companies can buy the tender dossiers at the 2020 office located at the International Conference Centre and can also view the maquettes of the projects which are on display.  Enquiries on the tender can also be addressed to Annick Henriette on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 4295500.

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