Tribute to ‘a man of vision and intellect’


Although Mathew Servina and I did not see eye to eye on political matters during the period of competitive politics between the SPUP and the DP, we still maintained the highest respect for each other and enjoyed a relationship of respected cordiality.

Sadly it would appear that there will be no half-mast or fanfare to commemorate the passing away of this relatively great and much respected Seychellois.

Perhaps this letter from Mathew Servina which was published in December 2010 issue of VIOAS projects in no uncertain terms some of the vision and intellectual quality of the man.
“Small Island Institute for Transformation & Employment takes this opportunity to congratulate yourself and your VIOAS work team, for showing more interest and recognition to Indian Ocean States and other nations sharing ocean space with us. It is extremely important to realize that as island nations, even we are tiny groupings, we must contribute as much as possible to positive engagements for socio-economic development at regional and global level. There is positive belief by many islanders that we should develop a solid block of nations and cultures to protect our patrimony and dignity.

Last Millennium Development Goal promotes partnership development regionally and globally.  It is a valuable opportunity for VIOAS to encourage mutual respect and mutual benefits, for islands not just to rely on pity and charity. It is also important to share more information on the initiatives and programmes of Indian Ocean Commission as proactive contributions to regional and global way forward, for positive transformation and meaningful empowerment.

With great motivation and clear vision, we look forward to this valuable magazine becoming a Global Star.

Mathew Servina
Founder and Chair, Small Island Institute (T&E)
Coordinator Seychelles Coalition, Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP)”

There’s no doubt that Seychelles is a poorer country today without Mathew Servina.

James R. Mancham

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