Lungos hails contributions of late human rights activist


Mr Servina was also previously a member of the Board of Lungos.

“Mr Servina was a pioneer in the field of human rights in Seychelles, and also participated actively regionally and internationally in promoting human rights.

“He was the founder and president of the human rights NGO, Cefrad, which brought to our community various programmes and projects in the areas of human rights and governance.

“Mr Servina is well known for his well thought out lectures and speeches, delivering to various audiences from the man on the street to members of parliament.

“He was a strong advocate for transformation of laws and policies, which incorporates the universal declaration of human rights. He was also active in peace initiatives such as Universal Day of Peace.

“Mr Servina also got involved in projects such as the National Engagement for Peace/Security & Poverty Eradication.

“After he created the Small Islands Institute, an NGO focusing on the issues of small islands, he travelled the world on missions outlining the issues faced by small islands.

“Mr Servina had strong feelings about working for empowerment of civil society for greater and more effective participation in the economic growth process. He advocated that island populations be able to collaborate more effectively with their governments and the private sector to ensure national progress.

“He called for ongoing dialogue and consultation, and also advocated development education and sensitisation.

“Mr Servina can probably lay claim for being a national pioneer in the areas of citizen participation in governance.

“Lungos joins together with the nation in thanking Mr Servina for his contribution towards our development.

“Lungos also sends its condolences to Mr Servina’s family.”

The board and management of Lungos

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