Thank you all, says Paddye Magill


The internship capacity support programme is run by the Commonwealth Games Association of Canada.

Before leaving, Paddye thanked everyone who helped her in one way or another.
Paddye’s thank you note reads:

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association for allowing me to work with them for the past two years. I learned a great amount and it has been more than I ever imagined. Thank you to the executive committee for selecting me to join your team and support my working goals. Thank you Alain and Betty Alcindor for putting trust in my efforts and abilities and giving me the freedom to learn and experience everything Seychellois.

“I am forever grateful for accepting me into your family and always supporting me. I also would like to thank the Ministry of Social Affairs, Community Development and Sport for allowing me to be a part of the Indian Ocean Island Games. It was very rewarding to not only watch Seychellois athletes succeed but feel a part of the IOIG success and excitement. Thank you to all athletes, coaches, and associations/federations for making this transition to a new country and language so easy and friendly! Thank you to the Mont Fleuri women's basketball team for accepting me as a new teammate. I enjoyed so much playing with you all and will forever be grateful for your friendship and endless laughs. Thank you to my neighbours, friends, and new family for all the great memories and experiences. Seychelles will now forever be my second home and I look forward to visiting.”

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