Plans for Ile Soleil are being finalised


The Minister for Land Use & Housing, Christian Lionnet, on Tuesday answered two questions by the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, David Pierre, relating to the development of the reclaimed island situated off the coast at Anse Aux Pins.

Mr Lionnet explained that the government is introducing a new sales policy for land on Ile Soleil through which it expects to collect sufficient funds to cover the cost of putting in place the necessary infrastructure the island will need.

Mr Lionnet noted that the price of land will be much higher than what was being charged in the land bank project so far.

He told the Assembly that the government has set up a new company -- S2020 Development Limited -- to manage and carry out development projects on the island through revenues collected from the sale of land there.

He said the company is expected to carry out all the projects planned without funds from the national budget.

Mr Lionnet said all applicants will have to qualify financially to be able to apply for a plot of land on Ile Soleil.

Mr Lionnet said all plots of land will be sold to Seychellois or leased to Seychellois companies, except for the hotel project where foreign investors will also be able to tender.

He explained that the sales guideline will maintain the government policy of ensuring that Seychellois with no property get the opportunity to obtain a plot of land.

Mr Lionnet said the price of these plots of land will be fixed and applicants will be selected through a lots procedure.

Plots of land for commercial developments will be sold through a competitive tender process where applicants with the most viable projects will be successful.

As is the case for Ile Perseverance and Ile Aurore, Mr Lionnet explained that Ile Soleil is also being considered for national projects where all Seychellois who meet set criteria will be allocated a plot of land for development.

S2020 Development Limited is in the process of appointing agents to plan the infrastructure and development for the island and to organise marketing and promotion for the sale of the different plots. Once all these are completed, the company will launch an active promotion and marketing programme to inform the public of all the procedures to obtain a plot on Ile Soleil, Mr Lionnet said.

This is set to be very soon because tender and land allocation of the plots of land are expected to be carried out before the end of the year.

Mr Lionnet also answered several other questions by Assembly members for Anse Aux Pins, Jhowla Manoo, Wilby Lucas for Baie Lazare, and Bernard Arnephy for Anse Boileau. The questions related to reconstruction of houses at the Chetty Flat at Anse Aux Pins which was destroyed by fire not so long ago, septic tanks overflows in different housing estates, and land for housing and land bank development projects.

Mr Lionnet told the Assembly that the government has since 2007 spent over R900,000 to build new septic tanks on two housing estates at Baie Lazare to try and address the problem of overflows which have been identified as linked to the topography of the area which makes it difficult for the soil to absorb water as required.

Specialised technical expertise has been sought to address the problem once and for all and Mr Lionnet has reassured residents from other housing estates facing the same problem that their concerns are also being addressed.

As for the availability of land for housing and land bank development projects, Mr Lionnet said the government remains committed to deliver on these projects and it will continue to do so as and when funds are available.

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