Lungos gears up for change into a national platform for civil society


Set up in 1985, Lungos today groups 76 NGOs covering such thematic commissions as environment and natural resources, rights and governance, social and health, professional organisations and youth, culture and sports.

Mr Lalande addressing a consultative meeting this week

The body’s chief executive, Steve Lalande, said that the role of Lungos has forcibly evolved from that of liaison unit at the time of inception to one whose current operation is comparable to a national platform for civil society in Seychelles.

“While the raison d’être remains the same, the functions have changed,” said Mr Lalande.
The concept of national platforms is one which is now operational internationally and this is particularly so in the European Union (EU) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) which are respectively funding and implementing the project.

The consultant for the project is the Seychelles Institute of Management – now under the jurisdiction of the University of Seychelles -- which will carry out a complete review of the mandate and objectives of Lungos.

A working paper says: “Consultations have indicated that Lungos is seen by citizens, civil society organisations, government and other institutions as the mechanism that will bring together non-state operators to effectively contribute to policy making and national development initiatives. Lungos, therefore, has the responsibility to effectively constitute and mould itself to respond more effectively to the needs of its members, the NGO community and the wider civil society.”

Mr Lalande said the five-year project will, besides developing a new operation strategy, also set up a new code of ethics.

The Lungos constitution will also be revised to keep more abreast of the changing environment.

A general meeting is due by the end of the year and under the present constitution, the chairman, Bernard Elizabeth, who is presently on overseas mission, will not be able to stand again, having already served two consecutive terms.

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