Cycling -Proper coaching scheme tops new SCA chairman’s priority list


New SCA chairman Georges (2nd left) with the Commissar team at the 10th All Africa Games held in Maputo, Mozambique last year

Georges, who was chosen for a four-year mandate during the association’s annual general meeting on Wednesday, replaces Samuel Rignace.

The other committee members are Michel Tambara (secretary general), Lita Denis (treasurer), Diana Menesse (secretary), Elvis Adriene, Andrew Boniface, Samuel Rignace, Jacquelin Pothin and Kevin Marie (ordinary members).

A technical delegate of the Confederation of African Cycling (Cac), Georges explained that as coaching is at the heart of cycling performance at every level -- from teaching basic bike handling skills to training athletes for the major Games -- a proper structure must be set up to cater for the local coaches.

He said, unlike other sports, cycling training requires a lot of time and specialised coaching.
This, he said, calls for manpower and therefore only a solid scheme for coaches can lead to success.

He added that an adequate coaching scheme is also in line with the Cac’s policy.

Among his other plans for local cycling are to introduce mountain biking and also encourage women to take up the sport.

He also vowed to bring in new ideas to complement the good work started by his predecessors while acknowledging the work done by the previous chairman and his committee.

He added that good existing elements will be polished, while the negative ones will be removed.
As the new chairman, Georges promised to be strict and to apply the by-laws of the SCA accordingly. This, he said, will be crucial to maintain discipline and ensure the progression of the sport.

Very experienced and well connected internationally, DTN Georges made history at the 10th All Africa Games held in Maputo, Mozambique last year by becoming the first ever African official to be appointed as chief commissioners, replacing the European officials at the nine previous Games.

Initially selected as a technical delegate by Cac under the banner of the Union Cycliste International (UCI) team, Georges was then promoted to the top post based on his qualifications and experience.

He also chaired meetings of commissioners and helped work on recommendations submitted during the Games.

Locally, he received the award for best technical official during the 2011 Sports Awards ceremony earlier this year.

He promised to use all his international affiliations to push local cycling forward, only if necessary support is received from higher authority.

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