ACP anthem contest launched


Such an anthem aims to promote unity and solidarity among the ACP group of states.

Musicians and composers are being encouraged to compose lyrics and melodies which express unity and solidarity of the ACP as best as possible and also express the ideals and objectives of this group of states. These include: the richness and cultural diversity of the ACP people, the search for international understanding and commitment to the dialogue of civilisation, respect for the value of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, commitment to equitable development, social justice and peace.

The lyrics should be in any of the official languages of the ACP and entries should be in mp3 or WAV format that can be played on a CD player.

A spokesperson for the National Arts Council (Nac) said local musicians and composers who wish to submit entries to the competition can seek more details at the creative industry and special events section at Nac.

Arts development manager Denise Victor said musicians will receive internet access and help to download and fill in entry forms for the competition. 

All entries should reach the ACP secretariat in Brussels by May 31.
A panel of expert will be constituted soon after to select the winning entries and the winner will be awarded.

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