BBC Indian Ocean Series to showcase Seychelles


The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) says over and over again that these mid-ocean islands have nothing to hide and that no picture taken can do justice to the breathtaking views the visitors enjoy on these islands, because reality will always be better than any photograph.
BBC viewers will now have a unique chance to see Seychelles beamed to their living rooms because the Simon Reeve’s Indian Ocean series will be broadcast on Sunday nights on BBC2 television in the UK at 8pm, starting tomorrow, April 22. The Seychelles features in Episode Two which will be broadcast on Sunday April 29.

The Seychelles Tourist Office was thanked by Ms McMullen for all the help  in making this programme happen.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Simon and the crew all send their best wishes,” Ms McMullen said.

“We are delighted that the Simon Reeve’s Indian Ocean Series will be aired soon and that Seychelles will be showcased to all BBC TV viewers. This programme comes out as the Seychelles celebrates the 40th anniversary since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Seychelles International Airport which launched the islands tourism industry in earnest,” said Alain St Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture.

“As 2012 is also the year when we shall be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, we believe that the Simon Reeve’s Indian Ocean Series could not have come at a more appropriate time to show to the world how well a sustainable tourism approach has been developed in Seychelles for the last 40 years – an approach that has kept the mid-ocean tropical tourism destination as it was when its tourism industry was launched and as it will remain,” Mr St Ange said.

“The government and people of Seychelles believe that it remains their duty to be good custodians for such a unique paradise called the Seychelles,” Mr St Ange added.

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