Athletics-Grand rendez-vous set for next year


Mr Meriton presenting certificates to athletes from the International School of Kenya

It was the Athletics director at the International School of Kenya (ISK) Derrick Quinet who had the honour of doing the closing remarks to officially end the event, in the presence of the Minister responsible for Sports Vincent Meriton.

Mr Quinet making his closing remarks

Mr Quinet said the event should be held annually and the ISK will ensure its participation each time. He congratulated all the athletes who took part in the competition whom he described as full of energy, enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

He thanked the sponsors and all those involved in organising the competition, as well as the Seychellois people, for the warm welcome received.

Mr Quinet ended with words of luck for the local athletes who will be taking part in the National Schools Championships in June.

All the teams who took part then received certificates of participation from Mr Meriton.
Jointly organised by the Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF), local telecommunications company Airtel, the Ministry of Education and the National Sports Council (NSC), the event gathered over 400 athletes from seven best performing secondary schools during the 2011 National Schools Athletics Championship – Praslin, Anse Royale, English River, Plaisance, La Digue, Pointe Larue and Beau Vallon – alongside 27 athletes from the International School of Kenya.

The technical aspects of the competition were taken care of by the local athletics body, while the athletes competed in the under-14, under-16, under-18 and under-20 groups.

The ‘Seychelles Track & Field Schools Invitational Meet’ was initiated following an agreement between the Ministry of Education and the ministry responsible for sports for a better coordinated and monitored school sports system which will ensure the development of the children and young people of the country through the “Physical Education and School Sports” (PESS) Strategy.

Complete results of the event:

100m Girls U14
1. Stephie   Monnaie   Praslin       13.83
2. Amisha  Seraphine    English River      14.34
3. Kendra Joubert       English River  14.38

100m Boys U14  
1. Thieran Leon  Beau  Vallon 12.38
2. Rico  Raoudy  La Digue 12.44
3. Christian  Melanie   English River 12.64

100m Girls Varsity
1. Estelle  Lepathy   Anse Royale 13.80
2. Eva  Ledroit       ISK              14.43
3. Erica  Gamatis     Anse Royale 16.59

100m Boys Varsity
1. Anthony Francois    Anse  Royale 11.76
2. Ken William     Anse Royale 11.77
3. Ted Nijimbere  ISK                12.90

100m Girls Junior Varsity
1. Diane Nioze  Plaisance 13.27
2. Surera Charles  Plaisance 13.63
3. Annira Cedras  Praslin                14.21

100m Boys Junior Varsity
1. Adrian Constance     La Digue 11.42
2. Golbert Mellon      La Digue 11.55
3. Marti Mondon      English River 11.79

110m Hurdles Boys U14
1. Krist Larue     Anse Royale 17.79
2. Gino Beauchamp   Anse Royale 19.50
3. Jackson Walker  ISK  19.91

100m Hurdles Girls Junior Varsity
1. Samia Almaze  Plaisance 19.08
2. Peggy Rachel  Anse  Royale 19.66
3. Adele Mcmurdo  ISK                20.98

110m Hurdles Boys Varsity
1. Jean-Francois Lepathy       Anse Royale     19.79
2. Toby Raehak       ISK              20.18

1500m Girls U14
1. Lissa Agnes      Beau Vallon 5:40.65
2. Francessca Rose  La Digue 5:40.77
3. Marischa Assary   Pointe Larue 5:43.47

1500m Boys U14
1. Slate Rostale     ISK                  4:56.02
2. Colin Francourt  Pointe Larue 4:56.03
3. Achille Ernesta  La Digue 5:02.38

1500m Girls Junior Varsity
1. Hillary Robert        Beau  Vallon 5:50.02
2. Vanessa Cherry  Plaisance 5:51.28
3. Ronia Brioche  Praslin                6:03.55

1500m Boys Junior Varsity
1. Steward Louise  Plaisance       4:30.99
2. Travis Boniface  Anse Royale        4:33.45
3. Ryan         Praslin              4:39.73

1500m Girls Varsity
1. Sheryl Lepathy  Anse Royale 6:19.77
2. Estelle Lepathy  Anse Royale 6:20.83
3. Marylu Mend  ISK                6:23.66

1500m Boys Varsity
1. Yannick Barra  Anse Royale 4:56.01
2. Mario Estico  English  River 5:11.64
3. Anil Bacco   English River 5:31.15

300m Hurdles  Girsl U14
1. Laureen Mousbe   Anse Royale  56.06
2. Cynthia Moustache    Pointe Laure     56.16
3. Chanty Jeanvole  Plaisance  59.18

300m Hurdles Boys U14/Junior Varsity
1. John Marianne     Pointe Larue   48.34 (Boys U14)
1. Aaron Tirant     Beau  Vallon 42.87
2. Mohamed Harriba     Anse Royale 46.20
3. Richard Servina      Anse Royale 47.75

300m Hurdles Girls Junior Varsity
1. Ezra Almaze     Plaisance 52.50
2. Shamira Estrale    Anse Royale     57.85
3. Achira Bibi     Plaisance 1:01.27

400m Boys varsity
1. Jean-Francois Lepathy Anse Royale 56.66
2. Christopher Bristol Anse Royale 59.25
3. William O’Sulivan   ISK                1:00.60

4X100m Girls U14
1. Anse Royale          55.96
2. La Digue             55.66
3. English River         57.04

4X100m Boys U14
1. Anse Royale        49.69
2. English River      51.15
3. La Digue            51.16

4X100m Junior Girls Varsity
1. Plaisance           52.66
2. Anse Royale        56.19
3. English River       56.89

4X100m Junior Boys Varsity
1. English River    45.78
2. La Digue                   45.96
3. Plaisance                   47.07

4X100m Boys Varsity
1. Anse Royale    47.34
2. English River    50.02
3. ISK                   54.21

Shot Put Girls U14
1. Juanita Poris    English River  8.31m
2. Ariana Sooyana   Praslin                6.80m
3. Virginie Athanase    Anse Royale 6.51m

Shot Put Boys U14
1. Jean-Michel Camille La Digue 12.69m
2. Jean-Luc Woodcock La Digue 12.61m
3. Dominique  Dina               English River 10.17m

Shot Put Girls Junior Varsity
1. Elna Rose       Plaisance 8.45m
2. Aysha William     Pointe  Larue 8.39m
3. Maiza Radegonde     La Digue 8.13m

Shot Put Boys Junior Varsity
1. Natenaina  Finesse    Praslin    11.29m
2. Jean-Yves Nourrice   Pointe Larue 10.48m
3. Daren Fideria  Plaisance 10.23m

Shot Put Boys Varsity
1. Christopher Bristol    Anse Royale 9.54m
2. Richard Leon  Anse Royale 9.42m
3. Toby Rehak  ISK               8.13m

Discus Boys U14
1. Jean-Yves Solin  Plaisance 22.99m
2. Alez Vink        ISK              16.99m
3. Arnold Kilindo  Beau Vallon 16.86m

Discus Girls Junior Varsity
1. Elma Rose   Plaisance 20.06m
2. Aisha Cushion  Plaisance 19.25m
3. Debra Servina  Anse Royale 18.67m

Discus Boys Junior Varsity
1. Jean-Yves Roseline    Pointe Larue 25.95m
2. Cyrous Farabeau      English River 23.75m
3. Shawn Leggaie      Plaisance 23.43m
Long Jump Girls  U14

1. Natasha Mawjee  ISK               4.15m
2. Alisa William     Plaisance 4.08m
3. Laurene Mousbe     Anse Royale 4.04m

Long Jump Boys U14
1. Menjel Kilindo  English River 5.70m
2. Rico Raoudy  La Digue 5.43m
3. Dean Nibourette  La Digue 5.41m

Long  Jump Girls Varsity
1. Eva Ledroit  ISK               3.72m
2. Nasha Marie  Anse Royale 3.47m
3. Emily Albest  Anse Royale 3.42m
Long Jump Boys Varsity
1. Stephen Souris     Anse Royale 5.92m
2. William O’Sullivan    ISK   4.92m

Long Jump Junior Girls Varsity
1. Samia  Almaze  Plaisance 4.59m
2. Surera Charles  Plaisance 4.48m
3. Louisa Ladouce  La Digue 4.40m

Long Jump Junior Boys Varsity
1. Owen Crsipin                  6.08m
2. Yannick Hoareau   English River 5.86m
3. Ian Volcere      Plaisance 5.77m

Triple Jump Boys Varsity
1. Menjel Kilindo  English River 12.01m
2. Stephen Souris  Anse Royale 10.64m

High Jump Girls U14
1. Nifelie Etienne          La Digue 1.37m
2. Enigona Pharabeau       Pointe  Larue     1.31m
3. Francess Rose           La Digue 1.22m

High Jump Boys U14
1. Noris Bibi          La Digue 1.71m
2. Noris Rose        Praslin  1.71m
3. Warren Bibi      La Digue 1.56m

High Jump Boys Junior Varsity
1. Dillen Esther      Praslin               1.75m
2. Yannick Hoareau    English River 1.67m
3. Edson Ladouceur      Praslin  1.61m

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