50 Chinese couples to wed here July


The STB said the plan follows an intensive marketing campaign and will coincide with the Sino-Seychellois culture week celebrations, but may well pave the way for more such visitors in the future.Arrivals from China for 2012 are already up by over 95% year-on-year, and 2011 saw arrival figures from China double compared to 2010.

Five airlines now linking China with the Seychelles have been credited with the development by regional and international media who say the airlines have used their home hubs to advertise Seychelles.

Ethiopian Airlines ran a tourist charter flight to Mahe a few weeks ago and plans to market such special flights to further attract visitors from China.

The rest of the credit has been given to the STB, Seychelles embassy in Beijing and the consulate in Shanghai “who have worked with key partners from the private sector, destination management companies and resorts”.

Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange said in China that Seychelles has enjoyed close ties with the giant Asian nation for many years and “we share many things in common”.

“In Seychelles, we have a sizeable Chinese population that has been living among us as Seychellois brothers and sisters for well over a century. When you visit our islands, you will notice their influence on our culture and on our traditions, and particularly in our delicious Creole cuisine.”

The launch of the Sino-Seychellois Culture Week took place at a press conference last week at the Panju 7-Star hotel in Beijing with the support of the Chinese International Friendship and Culture Association.

Yue Zongchao, the executive president of the Sino-Seychellois Culture Exchange and Promotion Organising Committee, said:

“This special culture week will boost the Seychelles’ image as a honeymoon destination, and the Chinese outbound tourism market will be better updated on Seychelles because of the expected TV coverage from the networks accompanying the 50 couples to Seychelles.”

Seychelles ambassador to China Philippe Le Gall thanked the organisers of the Sino-Seychellois Culture Week for their support of Seychelles and for the continued development of cultural and tourism ties between Seychelles and China.


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