Early warning workshop for teachers


The workshop in progress yesterday

The talk was organised by the Division of Risk and Disaster Management (DRDM) under the theme: Children and young people are partners for disaster risk reduction.

The director general for operations, education and communication at the DRDM, Paul Labaleine, explained the national early warning procedures and the protocol in using siren and standard operating procedures.

Also there were Alain Decommarmond, the director general for policy planning and risk management division and meteorological staff Rita Ogada.

The meteorological office is the designated early warning centre for Seychelles.
Mr Decommarmond said after the workshop delegates will be well versed on the national early warning procedures which include communications that take place during a disaster.

He said last year all state schools got some equipment such as hand sirens and mega phones which will help them in the event of disasters.

He added that soon private schools will also get these vital equipment.
He also highlighted the importance of conducting the workshop a few weeks after the last tsunami alert in the Indian Ocean.

He said he hoped that eventually all schools will be prepared for any disasters and be able to care for their pupils and students.

Mr Decommarmond also added that they helped the Education Ministry with its educational sector continuity plan.

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