Music Awards Seychelles postponed to December


Messrs Carolla (right) and Bresson during the press conference to announce the postponement of the Music Awards Seychelles

Terry Carolla, head of the team, said the red carpet event which was initially set for April 28 (today), has been rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances.

“This has given us more time to review our list of criteria, rules and regulations. It will also give the organising team more time to conceptualise the award in terms of all the technical aspects such as lights, sound and creativity,” he said.

Mr Carolla said as a result of this change, work released from January 2011 to October 2012 will now be eligible to compete for the award.

The award will start with seven categories and will increase as the event continues to be organised each year.

The categories are best male recording artist of the year, best female recording artist, best new male recording artist of the year, best new female recording artist of the year, best group or duet recording artist/s of the year, best song recording of the year and best sega recording artist of the year.

Aside from the seven categories, there will be an honorary award to reward past artists who have made a significant contribution to the music industry.

All winners in each category will receive R25,000 as well as a trophy.

The award will reward only original work in terms of rhythm, lyrics and general creativity. This will encourage artists to produce original and creative music.

Seychelles Breweries Limited remains the main sponsor of the event and the official name will now be Music Awards Seychelles.

“Music Awards Seychelles strongly recommends that all institutions dealing with music and the artists themselves should be registered with the Seychelles Authors and Composers Society because that will be the way forward,” he said.

Mr Carolla said the team is calling on all artists to unite in their work and to be more professional, thus making positive contribution towards the award.

He added that there should be mutual respect and the young artists should be guided to become more professional in the industry.

The established artists should keep themselves up to date with changes in the music industry, he said.

Mr Carolla said since concerns have been expressed over the venue for the event, which was to be held at Le Meridien Barbarons, the team will discuss and decide on the issue at a later stage.

Chairman of the selection team, Galen Bresson, said all artists taking part should be 18 and above.

Among the factors that will be considered are success at radio, sales of CDs, song writing, public acceptance and voting and overall contribution to the music industry.

Mr Bresson said 10 nominees will be chosen in each category and from whom the top five finalists will be selected.

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