Indian President’s State visit to Seychelles (April 29 – May 1)-‘An opportunity to promote Seychelles-Indo business ties’


Mr FrancisThe association’s chairman, Marco Francis, said that since the Indian Head of State will be accompanied by prominent representatives of the private sector, it will be a good occasion to discuss opportunities in trade and financial services to benefit the two countries.

Mr Francis, who has been to Delhi three times since the association was set up two years ago, told Seychelles Nation that the organisation -- which presently has about 25 members,  mostly Seychellois -- has been very active.

He said the association notes that there is a significant volume of trade with India, but feels this can be increased.

The association has already provided Indian entrepreneurs with information to set up companies here.

Mr Francis said one Indian businessman is presently holding talks on setting up an employment agency in Victoria to ease recruitment of Indian personnel in various fields.

Mr Francis said that on his last visit to Delhi, he was accompanied by an official of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), who met Indian tourism operators and distributed brochures.

He said India is well known for luxury spas and one area where Seychelles could attract Indian investment is health tourism.

“Seychelles, with its pristine environment and good year-round weather conditions, could be ideal for combining curative medicine with vacation, provided we have direct air links,” he said.

Mr Francis said that since most of the several billion dollars in foreign direct investment to India are presently channelled through Mauritius, we should persuade Indian offshore providers to also make use of the Seychelles jurisdiction.

Mr Francis views the Indian President’s visit as a unique opportunity to “seal that bond” by boosting investment and trade.

“We must change the perception that Indians only come to Seychelles as construction workers,” he added.

Mr Francis is based at the Global Gateway Building, Rue de La Perle, Providence Industrial Zone.

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